Friday, April 17, 2009

Les Etas-Unis

Well I am quite frustrated today. There is some bullshit about how Obama is the "anti-Christ", insensitive, blah, blah...but more than that, people love to throw around a lot of historical garbage that is so wrong it's silly.

You can look up the Obama/Georgetown thing if you'd like.
But here is what I have to say to people who love to say about "well our country was founded under Christian beliefs" etc.

Realize the "Our nation was founded on religion" attack isn't really as strong as you want it to be. Yes, many groups who came over here were led this way in search of religious freedom and they may have had beliefs similar to those of the basic Christian faith in this country today. But there is a big difference in the people who came here first seeking freedom of religion, and the men who eventually drew up the Constitution and the men who are considered the Founding Fathers of our nation. Many of those men were actually atheists or to some extent agnostic. The inclusion of the phrase "under God" was not an attempt to declare that this country is a Christian, God-loving nation; it just fit with the beliefs of a good portion of the people at the time.

(PS. The atheist thing was told to me by my most favorite (yeah most favorite, fight me on the grammar) history professor from last semester. And I got the biggest kick out of it.)


Oh and then I saw that someone was going on about separation of church and state and how if Obama was in a private, Catholic university, the government shouldn't have had any say.
1. They REQUESTED for Georgetown to cover things, to which the university agreed. There was no mention of force in the article. Although I'm sure if there had been disagreement or force, it would have caused a big stink in the news.
2. IT'S THE MO'FUCKIN GOVERMENT! They do what they want bitches!!! It doesn't matter if it's a church, mosque, daycare, hospital, house, private or public. What they say goes. Get over it or move.

I'm sorry that people don't like Obama, but he is the President. GTFO if you really can't stand him that much and really have to bitch all the fucking time. I realize that he hasn't turned the country into an economic gold mine yet, but my goodness, he was just sworn in 3 months ago; give the guy a break/chance.
I support the dude.

And I support Michelle and her sleeveless apparel. But lady, mix some high fashion in with your normal lady stuff. C'mon, you can do it.

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Anonymous said...

I just recently had a conversation with someone about the founding fathers and their agnostic/atheistic beliefs. A lot of people are so ignorant when it comes to history that they just say whatever it is that they want to believe.

Also, what ever happened to being open-minded? I thought everyone is free to believe whatever they want. So what if Obama is agnostic or atheistic? Or Catholic or Muslim. I hate it when people judge their opinions on someone because of their religious beliefs, racial background, etc.

Another thing- media keeps mentioning his new dog, WHO CARES ABOUT THE DOG!

Yeah, I just kind of ranted on this post.

Hahaha, I love the points you made.