Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh no! An election day post! What am I thinking??

I'm sitting here, avoiding the immense amount of school work that is facing me and is going to destroy me if I don't get to soon. But that can be approached after this.
I've been looking to blog on a public forum again for some time so here I am and I picked a terrible day to start because I am filled with thoughts on the election and the voting process.  I'll be brief on my thoughts on that though simply because I know the entire country is sick of hearing about it but I need to get my two cents out there.
Avoiding bias, my questions to the nation regarding Barack Obama are:
1. If we are truly a country that is to separate church and state, why are we spreading absurd rumors about his faith, that in a lot of cases, are based purely on his name?
2. How many of you that are registered Democrats who voted for McCain can honestly say that Obama's race had nothing to do with your decision?
I have heard so many negative things regarding Obama's faith and race that should never play a role in his campaign and I cannot understand why these things are swaying public opinion so much.
My questions regarding John McCain are:
1. As a country so against a woman in office when Hilary Clinton was running on the Democratic ballot, why are people so enamored with Sarah Palin?
2.  Ignoring for a moment his history and experience, why does his level of respect go up every time he releases a negative ad?
I will never understand negative ads because in my opinion, they are childish and they avoid promotion of your stance.
In an attempt to be brief and avoid bias, I failed. However, I got some things out there.

Onto some more interesting topics in my life that I figure no one cares about, but what the heck!
In 31 days I will be roaming the city of New York, taking pictures like crazy (if I get a camera),
and enjoying time away from my hectic life here in Louisville.
Tomorrow, my eldest nephew will be 9, marking 9 years since my Nana stormed into my 5th grade basketball practice asking, rather loudly, "I'm looking for an Aunt Lauren!!"
Needless to say, that child has been a big part of my life and he means a lot to me. I hate that he is growing up so quickly and that he isn't going to be my little one much longer. 
And his little brothers aren't very little anymore either.
4.5 weeks left of the semester. The first semester that I've cared about. The first semester I've worked my butt off for.
The first semester I'm proud of. This feels good.
I may be getting a car soon. I think we're going to the dealership tomorrow to see about how to get my name on the title as a co-owner or something and we're working out something.
I'm quite excited. Having a car means learning to drive, getting my license and not bumming rides anymore.

I really want to start using my Pentax. Its sitting on a shelf that faces me and it literally stares at me every day.
Anyone who wants to go have a photo shoot, let me know. I only do black and white unless you're seriously opposed and I'm still learning a lot but I'd appreciate the practice.
I really want to get back into using it though. I spent a lot on the camera and I'm not terrible with it.

I think this is enough for one blog.
I may post something else as results come in tonight.

Until next time.

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